What we stand for

ISC Group connects people and technology.

Based in Germany, ISC Group is the preeminent provider of events and services for communities that drive leading-edge digital technologies. Our dedication to delivering the highest level of service possible guides our efforts to bring communities together, which leads to new opportunities for technology innovation and business growth.

Our guiding principle, “Moving Forward” reflects our commitment to helping people across the globe get ahead by facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge, as well as building new business relationships at professionally organized conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Events such as ISC High Performance and ISC Cloud & Big Data have made the ISC Group the market leader when it comes to organizing international conferences that focus on advanced computing. We achieved this thanks to the high quality of our speakers, attendees, and exhibitors, but also because we believe that working with our customers on a basis of trust is crucial. Our efforts to inspire attendees at these gatherings represent part of our primary mission: to build communities by promoting active knowledge-sharing and industry networking.

The TOP500 list is another platform we manage to add value to the high performance computing (HPC) community. It is updated twice a year to provide a well-accepted metric for the 500 most powerful computer systems in the world.

Being a prominent member of the HPC and event management communities gives us in-depth knowledge of our peers and enables us to create platforms that truly benefit our customers.

Let’s move forward!