ISC Events – Building Communities

Our conference brand, ISC Events, is recognized internationally for its strength in bringing different communities together for sharing knowledge actively and networking in the field of advanced computing.  With our first event dating back 30 years, we strive to bring hardware and software experts face-to-face with an audience that relies on this crucial information to apply in their own field of work. 


ISC High Performance

During the era of vector processing, while some computer scientists continued to wrestle with multiprocessor architecture that Seymour Cray had abandoned, Prof. Hans Meuer had the notion to bring these two camps together. As a university professor and keen industry observer, Prof. Meuer reached out to vendors to discuss the future of supercomputing architectures as part of a regional conference. The first event kicked off with 81 attendees.

Today ISC High Performance is a global conference and exhibition for high-performance computing, networking and storage. It offers a full five-day technical program and attracts around 3,500 attendees.