Employee Testimonials

"At ISC Group, I am able to raise a family and also enjoy a successful career."
“I value ISC as an employer because I have the ability to further develop my skills here."
“I work at ISC because I value commitment and trust."
“Flexible working hours and reliable communication structures make my job at ISC Group fulfilling and efficient.“
“I like being a part of ISC as for me working in the HPC community means shaping the future."

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A family-run company with focus on the future

The ISC Group is a family-run company that specializes in services related to future technologies - particularly high-performance computing, one of the key technologies of the modern world. Besides having a tremendous influence on broad sections of science and the economy in general, HPC is of major strategic importance in many industries.

For over 30 years now, we have been holding Europe's leading HPC conference – ISC High Performance. We also publish a list of the world's fastest computers under the TOP500 brand and run a leading portal for HPC-related news.

All of these efforts are geared toward our main goal: bringing people and technology together.

The benefits we offer


We offer a steady income, job security, and a place on a supportive, close-knit team. We'll also provide you with a laptop, a smartphone, and the other basic IT equipment you'll need for your work.


Since we allow our employees to work from home and operate on the honor system when it comes to working hours, you won't have to worry about being flexible and mobile. We'll also help you handle your work and family commitments by contributing to care costs for children under six and offering you 30 days of vacation per year.

A sense of purpose

At ISC, we want the work we do to mean something. HPC is the future: It's having a positive effect on every area of our lives – on our health, for example, thanks to improvements in medicine. Meanwhile, a pleasant working environment and a solution-oriented mindset are key components of our culture. We welcome both new colleagues and new ideas with open arms, combine our core values with modern perspectives, and use our events to aid the advancement of people across the world.

Employee Development

We offer the chance to devise creative solutions to challenging tasks at an innovative and successful international firm. These assignments will further both your professional and personal development, and we'll provide the proactive support you need to continue honing your skills. As a member of our team, you'll be able to take an active role in shaping our organization's future and work with other professionals in our global network.